Who Are Some Famous Episcopalians and Anglicans? Who are some of your Saints?

Here is a sample list of noted Episcopalians and Anglicans. The * after a person's name indicates this person is celebrated in our Calander of Saints. For a more complete list, visit Famous Episcopalians and Anglicans

1. Theologians
2. United States Presidents and Patriots
3. Authors
4. Social Reformers
5. Early Church Teachers and Theologians
6. Early Christian Disciples and Apostles
7. Actors, Artists, Musicians and Entertainers
8. Scientists, Explorers and Inventors
9. Comic Book Characters


Lancelot Andrews: Bishop and spiritual writer The Private Devotions of Lancelot Andrews is one of his more famous writings

John Wesley*: priest and founder of the Methodist Church
Thomas Cramner*: Archbishop of Canterbury and author of the first Book of Common Prayer, Martyr
William Laud*: Archbishop of Canterbury under Charles I, Martyr
Edward Pusey: Priest, Tractorian and founder of the first Anglican Sisterhood since the Reformation
Samuel Seabury*: First American Bishop
John Donne*: Priest, Theologian, author, poet and hymnist
John Keble*: Priest, Tractioian, social activist
Absalom Jones*: first black ordained Episcopal Priest
David Pendleton Oakerhater*: First Native American Deacon and Missionary

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United States Presidents and Patriots

George Washington: First U.S. President 1789-1797
James Madison: Fourth U.S. President 1809-1817
James Monroe: Fifth U.S. President 1817-1825
William Harry Harrison: Ninth U. s. President 1841
John Tyler: Tenth U.S. President 1841-1845
Zachery Taylor: Twelfth President 1849-1850
Franklin Pierce: Fourteenth President 1853-1857
Chester A. Arthur: Twenty-first President 1881-1885
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Thirty-second 1933-1945
Gerald Ford: Thirty-eighth President
George H.W. Bush: Forty-first President
Francis Scott Key: patriot and author of the words to the Star Spangled Banner
Patrick Henry: patriot "Give me Liberty or Give me Death"
Betsy Ross: patriot, maker of the first flag
Martha Washington: patriot
Thirty-one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence

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Jane Austin: author (Emma, Pride and Prejudice. etc.)
James Blish: science fiction author(A Case of Conscience, etc.)
Marion Zimmer Bradley: fantasy writer ( The Mists of Avalon, etc.)
Anne Bronte: novelist and poet
Charlotte Bronte: novelist
Emily Bronte: novelist
Lewis Carroll: author (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, etc.)
Philip K. Dick: science fiction author (Blade Runner, etc.)
Chrles Dickins: author (Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, etc.)
T.S.Eliot: poet and playwriter (Murder in the Cathrdral, The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock)
Henry James: author (The Princess Casamassima, etc.)
John Keats: poet
P.D. James: dectective novelist
Madeleine L'Engle: author (A Wrinkle in Time, etc.)
C. S. Lewis*: author and Christian apologist The Chronicals of Narnia, The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, Suprised by Joy and A Grief Observed are among his many works
Dorothy Sayers: author and scholar (the Lord Peter Wimsey dectective novels, Creed or Chaos, The Wimsical Christian,and a translation of Dante's The Divine Comedy)
William Shakespere: Playwriter and Poet
Percy Blythe Shelley: poet
Mary Shelly:author (Frankenstein)
Bram Stoker: author (Dracula)
Evelyne Underhill*: author and mystic (Worship)
Tennessee Williams: playwrite(The Glass Managerie, etc.)
William Wordsworth: author and poet

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Social Reformers

Florence Nightengale: Nurse and reformer
Amelia Jenks Bloomer*: reformer and champion of women's rights
Elizabeth Cady Stanton*: reformer and champion of women's rights
Sojourner Truth: reformer*, activist for abolition and women's rights
Harriet Ross Tubman*: reformer and leader of the underground railroad
Julia Chester Emery*: social activist and founder of the United Thank Offering (Episcopal relief fund)
Constance and her Companions "The Marytrs of Memphis"*: killed fighting an outbreak of yellow fever in Memphis, Tennessee

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Early Church Teachers and Theologians (pre-Anglican)

Thomas Aquinas*: theologian, author of Summa Theologica and Summa Contra Gentiles, used the philosophy of Aristotle
Augustine of Canterbury*: First Archbishop of Canterbury and missionary
Augustine of Hippo*: author of The City of God and Confessions as well as many other works
Thomas a Becket*: Archbishop of Canterbury, martyerd
Bede the Venerable*: scholar of the history of Christianity in England before Augustine of Canterbury was sent
Columba*: Founder of the Monastary of Iona to train missionaries to evangalize the Picts of Northern Scotland
Francis of Assisi*: spiritualist and founder of the Orders of Franciscian Monks and the Poor Clare Nuns
Julian of Norwich*: anchoress and mystic, author of The Revelations of Divine Love or The Book of Showings, based on revelations she received during a grave illness and later; the first English woman of letters and the first English theologian to write in English
Patrick of Ireland*: bringer of the Christian faith to Ireland

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Early Christian Disciples and Apostles

Andrew*: disciple and apostle
Barnabus*: disciple and apostle
Bartholomew*: disciple and apostle
Cornelius the Centurian*: early Gentile convert
Holy Innocents*: the boys executed by King Harod in his search to kill our Savior
James, the Greater*: disciple and apostle, son of Zebedee and brother of John
James, the Lesser*: disciple and apostle, son of Alphaeus
John the Baptist*: prophet and baptiser of our Lord
John, the brother of James*: disciple and apostle, author of the Gosple of John
Joseph of Aramathia*: disciple and provider of the tomb for Jesus
Joseph*: the husband of Mary
Jude*: apostle and disciple
Luke*: disciple and follower of Paul, author of the Gosple of Luke and Acts
Mark (John Mark)*:disciple and apostle, author of the Gosple of Mark
Mary Magdalene*: female disciple
Mary and Martha of Bethany*: female disciples and sisters of Lazarus
Mary*: the Virgin, Mother of our Lord
Matthew*: disciple and apostle, author of the Gosple of Mark
Matthias*: disciple, replaced Judas as one of the Twelve
Paul (Saul of Tarsus)*: apostle, origionally a persecutor of Christians, experienced a vision of Christ on the road to Damascus
Peter (Simon Peter): disciple and apostle, the Rock on which Christ built his Church
Phillip*: disciple and apostle
Simon*: disciple and apostle
Stephen*: disciple and first deacon and first maryter of the Church
Thomas*: disciple and apostle, also known as Doubting Thomas

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Actors, Artists, Musicians and Entertainers

Fred Astaire
Natalie Cole
Judy Collins
Cecil B. DeMille
Duke Ellington
Judy Garland
Sir William Gilbert
Lillian Gish
Olivia de Havilland
Mary Martin
Van Morrison
Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Sir Arthur Sullivan
Sam Waterstone
Robin Williams

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Scientists, Explorers and Inventors

Charles Babbage: mathmatician and theorist behind computer technology
Sir Francis Bacon
Robert Boyle: scientist, father of modern chemistry
Captain John Cook
Sir Charles Darwin
Hannible Goodwin: perfected the use of photoemersion allowing motion pictures to be made
Robert Hooke: scientist developed the theory of elasticity and proposed wave theory for light
Edward Jenner: scientist, vaccination for smallpox
Guglielmo Marconi: inventor of the radio
Margaret Mead: anthropologist

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Comic Book Characters

Invisible Woman
Human Torch
The Beast
Captain Britain
Dan Dare
Scarcrow of Romney March
The Hound

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* indicates the person has a Saint's Day in the Calander of Saints

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